Some handy tips & tricks to maintain your treatments.


• Massage cuticle oil into your nails regularly. This nourishes your nail root meaning it will produce stronger more flexible nails allowing the product to stay longer.

• Do not soak your hands in water for long periods. This will lift the product.

• Do not pick or peel the product from your nails. This is the most damaging thing you can do. It will remove thin layers of your nail plate and create weakness within the nail. Please book in to have the gel polish removed or take it off with the correct products and techniques at home.

• Nails are not tools! Be careful with your lovely nails, we cannot take responsibility for damage done to your nails at home.

• Please be aware that home and work chemicals, tints, dyes, beauty products, certain foods may cause discolouration of your polish or cause lifting of the gel. We advise that you wear gloves to protect your manicure. We cannot take responsibility if damage occurs in this way.

• We advise you wear gloves when using cleaning products.

• Please be aware that we cannot take responsibility for any smudging or chipping of regular nail polish after you have left the salon, however if we have the time available we will do our best to fix this for you.

Gel Treatments

• We conduct waterless gel treatments. Water & oil products as well as heat compromise the gel product and it’s lasting quality if applied before. We therefore have a different treatment procedure for these treatments in relation to their regular polish counterparts.

Nail Fixes (Gel Polish)

We have a 9 day fix policy. We will fix any damage that we deem to be due to our application free of charge. After 9 days there will be a small charge of £1 per nail. If you require a nail fix (charged or uncharged), we ask that you pre- book in for a nail fix as we cannot guarantee we will be free if you drop by. We will happily accommodate this.


• Please be aware that normal polish requires substantial drying time.

• If you bring flip flops we advise that you sit for a further 10-15 minutes to allow the polish to set. We also have flip flops to purchase in the salon to take home.

• If you do not have flip flops or do not want to wear them out of the salon, please be advised that your toe polish may need between 30-60 minutes to fully dry for the wear of closed toe shoes.

• We can wrap the nearly dry polish in cling film and oil to protect the polish for your journey home 30 minutes+ after the treatment has concluded, but we ask that as soon as you get home you take this protection off and allow them to dry fully.

• The therapist will advise if they feel the polish used will need longer to dry than this expected period.

• We cannot take any responsibility for smudging or chipping or regular nail polish after you have left the salon, however if we have the time available we will do our best to fix this for you.

• Please be aware, if we believe you to have a fungal skin or nail infection we are within our right to refuse treatment.


We advise the following aftercare for all waxing for 24 hours after your treatment.

• Don’t touch or scratch the treated area

• No exfoliation

• Avoid exercise, gyms, swimming

• Do not apply any other creams or lotions to the area other than the products used as set after care. This includes deodorant, makeup, fake tan & perfumes if applicable to the area.

• Avoid saunas & steam rooms.

• Tight fitting clothing.

• We suggest you shower with cooler water in this period as the hair follicle will still be open in this period.

• 100% Aloe Vera gel is suitable to be applied to the area as well as recommended set after care products.

• To prevent ingrown hairs regularly moisturise and exfoliate from 48 hours after treatment.

Tinting & Lash Treatments

• We have a strict patch testing policy. If you have not had a tinting, lash extension or lash lift treatment with us before you must get one in the salon at least 24 hours before your appointment, no exceptions. This is protect you from a reaction. Even if you have had the same treatment with the same product else where we still require this. If you do not have a patch test we are with our right to cancel or rearrange your appointment to a date after the patch test has been carried out.

• You don’t need an appointment for a patch test, you can just show up.