Fingers & Toes


The Luxury Lifestyle Manicure - £29 / 45 mins (with gel £33 / 1 hour)

Sit back, relax and take a deep breath. Hand care just got upgraded! Starting off with a file and shape, cuticle work is completed followed by exfoliation and a deep, relaxing hand and arm massage. Moisturising mask is applied, whilst your shoulders and scalp are massaged. Finishing off with the perfect polish.

The Lifestyle Manicure - £24 / 30min

The classic. Filing and cuticle work, followed by gorgeous hand and arm massage and the perfect polish to set off any look.

The Speedy Style Manicure - £10 / 20min

Style on the go! A quick file & polish to get that instant hit of colour.


The Luxury Lifestyle Pedicure - £36 / 1 hour (with gel £40 / 1 hour)

The ultimate treat for your tired feet and mind… File and shape, followed by cuticle work, hard skin removal and invigorating exfoliation. Once softened, enjoy a deep leg and foot massage and an application of moisturising mask. As this soaks in get swept away with a scalp and shoulder massage. Finished with polish.

The Lifestyle Pedicure - £30 / 1 hour

Reveal those feet! Filing and cuticle work is carried out, hard skin removed followed by exfoliation and a foot tingling massage. All set off with the perfect polish!

The Speedy Style Pedicure - £10 / 20 min

A quick fix for your toes. File & polish to get that instant hit of colour!

Artistic Gel Polish

The ultimate soak off Gel Polish. Artistic was developed by nail professional with one aim! To bring to the market an extensive colour range of the highest quality. Artistic Gel Polish remains chip resistant for up to 2 weeks and requires no drying time!

Hands - £27 / 45min

File and shape followed by cuticle work and finished off with Artistic Gel Polish.

Feet - £32 / 1 hour

File and shape followed by cuticle work and hard skin removal. Finished off with Artistic Gel Polish.



Basic Bikini - £16.50 / 15min

Sides and top to the knickerline

Hi Bikini - £20 / 15min

Inside the knickerline, sides and top

Brazillian - £30 / up to 1 hour

All off, apart from a thin 'landing strip'

Hollywood - £33 / up to 1 hour

All off!


Full Leg (incl. toes) - £25 / 1hour

3/4 Leg (incl. toes) - £22 / 45min

Lower leg and half way up the thigh

½ Leg (incl. toes) - £18 / 40min

Lower leg including the knee

Full Leg & Basic Bikini - £37.50 / 1 hour


Full Arm - £22 / 40min

Using strip wax, (not including underarm)

½ Arm - £16 / 30min

Forearm or upper arm (not including underarm) using strip wax.

Underarm - £15 / 15min

Wave those hands in the air without a care! Using hot wax.


High 'brow' Wax/Shape/Thread - £10 / 15min

The perfect shape to open up the eye and frame the face, using hot wax and tweezers or thread.

Lip Wax/Thread - £7 / 15min    Chin Wax/Thread - £7 / 15min

Lip & Chin Package - £12     Other Facial threading from £7

Eye Treatments

Luscious Lash Tint - £11 / 20min

Eyebrow Tint - £8 / 15min

Lash & Brow Tint: £17 / 20min

Semi-Permanent Eyelashes - Prices from £45 / 1 hour      Lash Lift - £40 (includes eyelash tint)

Party Lashes - £15 / 20min

Includes a pair of party lashes and application.